Final Creature Project

    There were a number of important things that I considered when I worked on  this final project. First, I knew I needed to apply the information and artistic techniques that I learned in class over the semester. Whenever there were parts of the drawing that receding in the back of the picture plane, I made sure to make these area light. It wouldn’t make sense if everything in the drawing was dark. Using atmospheric perspective prevented any areas from being flat since in real light nothing is flat. Furthermore, I create an overall gesture for the creature. I didn’t pay attention to details. What I wanted was to understand the form and shape of the create. Once that was done, I could then focus on the correct proportion and details.
The design of the Spider Crabino was no accident. I chose the spider crab because of it’s look. Everytime I look at this create words like errie, pacular, scary, and strange pop into my head. It fit perfect with what I wanted to say. Since the object I choose was a Alesisi Q25 Midi piano and I enjoy listening to bdubstep music thats why I choose the animal. Dubstep music can be errie and strange. The animal and the piano seemed to be made for each other.

CAM00635 CAM00634 CAM00633 CAM00632 CAM00631 CAM00630

CAM00634 CAM00633 CAM00632 CAM00631 CAM00630

Wire Sculpture Project
Foundations Class
Tau I. Robinson-Farrar

The main goal of the project was to design a wire structure that used mainly of the design principals I’ve been taught in this class. This involved several things from me to think about. First, I wanted my design to say something. I didn’t just want to create a random object and that be the end of the project. I needed to create something about my life. About what I see and the object I use all the time. That is when it hit me. I decided to make a sculpture of the lamp. The lamp is a symbol of me personally. Whenever I am working on a project, watching a movie, or doing homework the lamp is there. It symbolizes my creativety and a piece of my everyday life.

Second, I created my drawing of the lamp as exact representation of the lamp. I made sure that the lines connected with each other. All the lines showed form and space in the drawing instead of a flat representation. In a way, the drawing was to be a blueprint for the actual sculpture. I could use the drawing to plan out the acutal construction of the wired sculpture.

Linear Day project for foundations class

This is an art project I had to work on for my foundations class. The assignment was to draw images that depict an average day in my life. The first panel shows me waking up in the morning which is a bit of a battle for me since I just want to sleep all day long. The next two panels shows some of the websites and activities that I participate in. The last panel shows how everything in my life slows down and comes to a halt which is what actually happens to me.