Foundations Class

I chose to use objects in my dorm for the subjects for phenakistoscope. Since the main animation had to be a object moving I had I figured that the other animations would be similar. Furthermore, I chose the key since it is something that I use all the time. It was also the first thing that I thought out when I first started to work on the project.

I applied design elements and principals for the phenakistoscope. Whenever the line was opposed from the main light source, I made that line thicker. The side of the drawings that were pointed towards the light where thinner. This helped to show that there was line variation. Furthermore, there was a contrast in the project. Since I had to ink the who thing, I made sure that some areas were black while others were white.

In the project, I applied several principals of animation to the phenakistoscope. I wanted the project involved me animating an object. I chose to animate a key. For the key to look good I decided to use some information from my computer animation II class. When an animation is falling it moves slow at first. It then speeds up when the object drops to the floor. This helped to make the movement of the animation more realistic. Furthermore, I sketched several poses of the entire animation. This is an animation technique called pose to pose. It’s good to do this to see the entire animation.


Open Press Gallery

Intro to Visual Communications

Open Press

Contemporary Chinese Printmaking

October 09th, 2013

Identify three print making examples.

* Jiang Lu “Going Through” Screen Printing

* Li Yuzhi “United” Woodcut Prints

* Yang Honguel “Memory of Disappearing” Wood Engraving


Contrast motion and noise and show examples.

Jiang Lu “Going Through” Screen Printing


Yang Honguel “Memory of Disappearing” Wood Engraving


Discuss the composition in the art pieces.

The composition in all the art pieces were quite similar. When I visited the open press gallery most of the art pieces had traditional compositions. They had drawn objects that were cropped. The drawings and sculptures started outside of the composition. The art piece was only a glimpse of it. Furthermore, there was one example of a composition that wasn’t traditional. It was a sculpture of a nude woman. This was more of a framed composition than a traditional one. Everything in the art piece started inside of the picture frame. Nothing was cropped.

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Write Up: Exploring the synergy of film and music

On Tuesday 17th, I went to the exploring the synergy of film and music siminar
at the engieering & technology building. It was created by Dr. Peter Rothbert
who specializes in composing music for motion picturees. He gave a presentation
about the different techniques composes like mickey mousing which
involves silly body movements. Furthermore, he showed a intro to cop show
from the 1970s and played different types of music. Everyone in the audience was asked
to explain what type of show it was. He did this to show how power music can be. It can even deplict the genre of a show. The last thing Dr. Peter Rothbert did was show clips from American Beauty and the Empire of the sun and even star wars. He spoted out all the different techniques he talked about at the begining of the siminar.

What the Festival? 2013

The “What the Festival” is a film festival that occurs once a year in the spring semester. It is run by the Visual Impact club and helps to raise money for future events that they plan. Students from Alfred State College are all welcomed to show off their films.
I didn’t like the festival so much. There are several reasons. I thought the selection of films was poor. Most of them had terrible plot structures or none at all. A large number of the films were cinematic masturbation, experimental films. Furthermore, there was a story where a girl had the entire film in her first person perspective. That was pretty cool but what made the film suck was that it wasn’t really about anything really. I didn’t even feel bad for her. She kept talking about how much her life was stressful and sucked yet she was always surrounded by people who had her back and supported her. I just didn’t have any empathy for the main character or even cared about her.
Besides what I didn’t like about the festival, there were some parts about it that I got from it. All the terrible films I had to endure taught me a lot of how to make any film I create in the future a whole lot better. It also exposed me to some different types of films I probably never would have watched.