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Final Creature Project

    There were a number of important things that I considered when I worked on  this final project. First, I knew I needed to apply the information and artistic techniques that I learned in class over the semester. Whenever there were parts of the drawing that receding in the back of the picture plane, I made sure to make these area light. It wouldn’t make sense if everything in the drawing was dark. Using atmospheric perspective prevented any areas from being flat since in real light nothing is flat. Furthermore, I create an overall gesture for the creature. I didn’t pay attention to details. What I wanted was to understand the form and shape of the create. Once that was done, I could then focus on the correct proportion and details.
The design of the Spider Crabino was no accident. I chose the spider crab because of it’s look. Everytime I look at this create words like errie, pacular, scary, and strange pop into my head. It fit perfect with what I wanted to say. Since the object I choose was a Alesisi Q25 Midi piano and I enjoy listening to bdubstep music thats why I choose the animal. Dubstep music can be errie and strange. The animal and the piano seemed to be made for each other.


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