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Intro to Visual Communications


300 dpi


Allison Brock, Cory Rockwell, Tau Robinson
For this project we are basing the meaning of our poster around the quote “Dream It. Achieve It.” The message is that while one sleeps their inner desires and aspirations come forth to promote a future goal of success. This success could be any sort of things depending on the goal you create while in slumber. The image is of a person sleeping, that representing its self. The drool flows into images of what success for this person might be, such as overcoming obstacles, becoming well known, and being the best they could be. Drool is usually associated with laziness, but it flows out of the body, as would an action the person would partake in. The drool is metaphoric in nature and design, showing flow, form, and is a visual pun. The drool itself is water, giving the subliminal feelings of movement, subconscious, wisdom, and calmness.
We each used our natural instincts and intuitive signposts to help direct our way through this project.  We were aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and used this to our advantage. We all have different preferences and experiences, but by using the elements and principals of design we managed to achieve synchronicity. We did some areas more simply while others are more detailed.  The simplicity of the background objects makes the main focus of the person sleeping and their dreams stand out.
Our project incorporates the golden ratio in our final design of the project.  We used it achieve beauty and balance in the design. For example, the drool that drips from the girl’s mouth is in the shape of the golden ratio.  The symbols in the drool represent the things that are important to the girl sleeping. The golden spiral in the drool shows outward growth. It represents her future accomplishments and her goals that she would like to achieve. In addition, the windows in the background are in the shape of the golden ratio. The 45-degree lines in the background give the images the illusion of depth and motion within a space that helps speak to the viewer
The lettering that we used in the drawing incorporates a three dimensional knowledge of space. Right above the drawing is the message of the entire poster. The sides of the letters can be seen. Some of the words even overlap each other. This reveals that the words aren’t two dimensional at all but actually 3d. They exist in a space that isn’t flat at all.
The forms in the wood show asymmetrical designs and get smaller the farther back into the picture they go. Symmetry designs can be found in the design on the wall.  The design in the background of the drool also shows symmetrical design. Our piece includes the three types of symmetry mentioned in the book.  The lines on the wall demonstrate translation symmetry because they slide along in specific direction for a specific amount of time.  The drool design contains reflection symmetry because if you flip it over a line it would appear unchanged.  That design also uses rotation symmetry to create a tessellation
We also used many elements and principals of design in our project.  We used the repetition of line to bring your eye across the piece and create a cohesive interesting design.  The direction and negative and positive space used in the background also help create a strong piece.  The piece is also balanced because we put the bed, which is the largest object in the middle of the piece.  Together the foreground, background and middle ground come together to create harmony.  We tried to use similar hues, tones and textures to make unified piece.  We also used analogous colors including yellow, blue and green.  We used complimentary and contrasting colors to make the piece more appealing to the eye as well.
The work shows a simple message using metaphors and symbols to express an overall idea that can be further thought on by the viewer. The images structure shows how well the three parts combine into one masterpiece. The entire image shows various elements that combine to create an elaborate illustration.


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