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Project 7B. Blind Contour Painting

Intro to Visual Communications


Date: 12/05/13

Assignment: Create asymmetry with color with intensity change.

I created asymmetry by making several blind contour sketches of my self. By drawing myself without looking at my self, I allowed myself to pay more attention to how I place lines down on the paper. I wasn’t worried about getting the drawing to look right. That wasn’t the assignment. I needed to capture some essence of myself. Furthermore, I imported the sketches into photoshop and began to ink the drawings. This process was quick. The next thing I did was begin to color my drawings. I added the complements of the colors in different parts of the drawing. I then started to slowly mix the complements together and place them in different parts of the painting. Doing this caused an intensity change. It showed how the colors could go from light to dark by just adding their complements.


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