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Project 7A. Color

Intro to Visual Communications

30″ x 30″

Date: 12/05/13

Assignment: Create a tessellation using complementary color. Use color value to create a design variation on the tessellation. In addition, create intensity change to the tessellation.

For the project, I choice to use certain completementary colors. In the middle I used red and green, which are complements of each other. I then added a intensity change to it. The more of the complement I added to one color the dark it got. However, the less I used, the less dark the color got. Furthermore, throughout the painting I added other complementary colors. In some areas I add blue and orange. In others I add violet and yellow. The change from one to the other shows the intensity change.
There were several designs that I used in the painting. I added a rotational symbol in the middle. This can be done by rotating a symbol from another one that looks just like it. Next, I added a reflection symbol throughout the painting. Most of the symbols in the painting are reflection. Last, I added a translation symbol. It severed as the frame for the entire painting.


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