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CAM00634 CAM00633 CAM00632 CAM00631 CAM00630

Wire Sculpture Project
Foundations Class
Tau I. Robinson-Farrar

The main goal of the project was to design a wire structure that used mainly of the design principals I’ve been taught in this class. This involved several things from me to think about. First, I wanted my design to say something. I didn’t just want to create a random object and that be the end of the project. I needed to create something about my life. About what I see and the object I use all the time. That is when it hit me. I decided to make a sculpture of the lamp. The lamp is a symbol of me personally. Whenever I am working on a project, watching a movie, or doing homework the lamp is there. It symbolizes my creativety and a piece of my everyday life.

Second, I created my drawing of the lamp as exact representation of the lamp. I made sure that the lines connected with each other. All the lines showed form and space in the drawing instead of a flat representation. In a way, the drawing was to be a blueprint for the actual sculpture. I could use the drawing to plan out the acutal construction of the wired sculpture.


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