Inanimate object Project

These are some reference images for my last project in my foundations class.

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Foundations Class

I chose to use objects in my dorm for the subjects for phenakistoscope. Since the main animation had to be a object moving I had I figured that the other animations would be similar. Furthermore, I chose the key since it is something that I use all the time. It was also the first thing that I thought out when I first started to work on the project.

I applied design elements and principals for the phenakistoscope. Whenever the line was opposed from the main light source, I made that line thicker. The side of the drawings that were pointed towards the light where thinner. This helped to show that there was line variation. Furthermore, there was a contrast in the project. Since I had to ink the who thing, I made sure that some areas were black while others were white.

In the project, I applied several principals of animation to the phenakistoscope. I wanted the project involved me animating an object. I chose to animate a key. For the key to look good I decided to use some information from my computer animation II class. When an animation is falling it moves slow at first. It then speeds up when the object drops to the floor. This helped to make the movement of the animation more realistic. Furthermore, I sketched several poses of the entire animation. This is an animation technique called pose to pose. It’s good to do this to see the entire animation.

CAM00635 CAM00634 CAM00633 CAM00632 CAM00631 CAM00630

CAM00634 CAM00633 CAM00632 CAM00631 CAM00630

Wire Sculpture Project
Foundations Class
Tau I. Robinson-Farrar

The main goal of the project was to design a wire structure that used mainly of the design principals I’ve been taught in this class. This involved several things from me to think about. First, I wanted my design to say something. I didn’t just want to create a random object and that be the end of the project. I needed to create something about my life. About what I see and the object I use all the time. That is when it hit me. I decided to make a sculpture of the lamp. The lamp is a symbol of me personally. Whenever I am working on a project, watching a movie, or doing homework the lamp is there. It symbolizes my creativety and a piece of my everyday life.

Second, I created my drawing of the lamp as exact representation of the lamp. I made sure that the lines connected with each other. All the lines showed form and space in the drawing instead of a flat representation. In a way, the drawing was to be a blueprint for the actual sculpture. I could use the drawing to plan out the acutal construction of the wired sculpture.