CAM00628Face Mask Project

The creation of the chair was an exciting project. It involved me using what I’ve learned so far in class. I constructed the mask by measuring different parts of my face. (more…)


Open Press Gallery

Intro to Visual Communications

Open Press

Contemporary Chinese Printmaking

October 09th, 2013

Identify three print making examples.

* Jiang Lu “Going Through” Screen Printing

* Li Yuzhi “United” Woodcut Prints

* Yang Honguel “Memory of Disappearing” Wood Engraving


Contrast motion and noise and show examples.

Jiang Lu “Going Through” Screen Printing


Yang Honguel “Memory of Disappearing” Wood Engraving


Discuss the composition in the art pieces.

The composition in all the art pieces were quite similar. When I visited the open press gallery most of the art pieces had traditional compositions. They had drawn objects that were cropped. The drawings and sculptures started outside of the composition. The art piece was only a glimpse of it. Furthermore, there was one example of a composition that wasn’t traditional. It was a sculpture of a nude woman. This was more of a framed composition than a traditional one. Everything in the art piece started inside of the picture frame. Nothing was cropped.

CAM00608 CAM00607 CAM00605 CAM00606

CAM00610 CAM00611Charcoal Chair

CAM00611Charcoal Chair

Foundations Class

The creation of the chair was an exciting project. It involved me applying several techniques that I have learned in class so far. I had to apply gesture drawing to the chair This allowed me to understand the anatomy of the chair. I then took those lines and used them to recreate my gesture on a different sheet of paper. I still had to remember to get the right proportion of the chair compare to the size of the actual work. Furthermore, another technique we used in class was aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective. This shows that objects that are close up are dark while objects that are further away are lighter. Using this technique creates a sense of depth and adds to the realism of the actual drawing.

Typographic Abstract Composition

Intro to Visual Communication


2560×1920 pixels


Assignment: Explore sensory boundaries expanding your creativity. Create depth drawing words to interpret a poem, song, or sentence.

I chose to explore the sensory boundaries that expand my creativity. In order to do this, I revolved my entire project around earth. The textures I applied to the opened composition are made to resemble stones and other objects that are related to earth elements.

I made sure to have depth in my drawing to help me interpret the title of a song I enjoy. I had the letters overlap each other as they stretch back into the background. This happened to make sure that the words were three dimensional. I wanted there to be a sense of space in the art piece. That is another reason I added one point perspective to the drawing. Furthermore, In the back of the piece, I added smaller versions of ‘at nite’ that fade out, which creates an atmospheric perspective. All the letters are 3D dimensional and have shadows.
The design process of the project relates to the reading I did. I had to think about the relationships of the letters and make sure that they decreased in size. I thought about color and how it conveys feelings and messages, which was apart of the reading. Furthermore, everything in the piece is an analogous color of green.
The words were inspired by a song by an artist named Kid Cudi. I enjoy his music and felt that my love for him could help me finish the project.