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Tau's Symbol copy

Intro to Visual Communications

Bleed Proof Paper for pens



Assignment: Create a symbolic design that expresses who you are. Show a geometric and organic representation of the design, one in an open composition the other in a closed composition.

As a concept, I started the drawing with a illustrated “A”. The final result was
an expression of the central commitment to my life. I funneled my interest in science fiction and animation through a black and white symbol. In the symbol, I applied several principals of design. I made sure that it represented me too. The paint brushes and the pencils are supposed to represent my passion to to be computer animator which involves to draw. The robots helmet represent my fascination with science fiction and anything that is imaginative. Furthermore, my symbol has positive and negative space. Most of the symbol is colored black. The rest of the space in the symbol is entirely white. This is the negative space in the drawing. This created a well contrast between the black and white colors and their shapes.
I had to create two versions of the symbol. One had to be geometric and the other one had to be organic. For the organic version, I made sure to apply an open composition. This involve the image to start outside of the picture frame. In the geometric image, I applied an closed composition. The entire image was inside of the image plane.

While I created the symbol, I was inspired by the artwork of David Lance Gionos. He was a famous artist who created fascinating artwork. The simplicity of the artwork is what I found as inspiration when I created my work. If you look at David Lances work there are no shades or highlights. Everything is one shade of color.


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