Preview of my last project in Computer Animation II

What the Festival? 2013

The “What the Festival” is a film festival that occurs once a year in the spring semester. It is run by the Visual Impact club and helps to raise money for future events that they plan. Students from Alfred State College are all welcomed to show off their films.
I didn’t like the festival so much. There are several reasons. I thought the selection of films was poor. Most of them had terrible plot structures or none at all. A large number of the films were cinematic masturbation, experimental films. Furthermore, there was a story where a girl had the entire film in her first person perspective. That was pretty cool but what made the film suck was that it wasn’t really about anything really. I didn’t even feel bad for her. She kept talking about how much her life was stressful and sucked yet she was always surrounded by people who had her back and supported her. I just didn’t have any empathy for the main character or even cared about her.
Besides what I didn’t like about the festival, there were some parts about it that I got from it. All the terrible films I had to endure taught me a lot of how to make any film I create in the future a whole lot better. It also exposed me to some different types of films I probably never would have watched.