Creature Project: Catipede

Creature Project: Catipede
Computer Animation II
Tau I. Robinson-Farrar

Three verbs:  Hunting, Twisting, & Sneaking

    The creature I have decided to create is going to be called a Catipede. A Catipede is a cross between a cat and a centipede. This animal can be found on earth but only in an invisible alien hovering fortress in the sky called Caprice. The inhabitants of Caprice, Monoliths, keep the animals as pets. It ordinates from a planet twenty-five light years away from earth called Helena. Helena is a relatively warm planet, similar to spring time in mid west of the North America. Some parts resemble the arctic north and south pole but these areas are where the Catipede doesn’t live. In addition, the Catipede is a predator to most of the animal kingdom except for the Monoliths that are tall, long necked shape shifting humanoid aliens that inhabit the planet. Basically these creatures are very high on the food chain. Catipedes can basically eat anything but they love eating spidermice since they are natural born enemies. The Catipede consumes the spidermice by killing it and then chewing it in their mouth just like a cat that can be found on earth.
    Beside what the creature I will model for class, the Catipede is a very interesting looking animal. It has the face of an American Short that you can purchase at the pet store. It is pretty a long animal( five feet long and a foot high) that has countless number of legs. Its fur is dark grey with black and brown stipes. The Catipedes tape is long and can streak down its prey in one blow. Every path has razor sharp claws that can do heavy damage to any opponent.