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The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

The computer animated feature film The Adventures of Tintin inspired me. There are several reasons that this occurred. I absolutely feel in love with the character design. There would be characters who hand exaggerated facial features. Like there were some characters who had the longest noses I’ve ever seen. I thought this looked really cool. In addition, I got really inspired by the action scenes. They were very interesting and well planed. It never looks fake at all.
When I was watching The Adventures of Tintin, the only thing I wanted was the realistic set design. Thought the entire course of the film I forgot it was an animated film. Everything looked so life like and beautifully textured. If I could have that same effect in my films that would be awesome.
The film was entirely created with computer animation and motion capturing software. Motion capturing software tracks the motion of an actor, who is wearing special type of suit, and records that motion. It then sends that recorded data to a program like autodesk motion builder and you can then apply that data to a 3D mesh. The motion of the 3D model look completely life like.
In the first time in history, Peter Jackson and the legendary Steven Spielberg joined forces to bring Tintin to life. The to film makers never have collaborated on a project before.

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