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Hayao Miyazaki (1941-Present)

There are a lot of choices that Hayao Miyazaki has made in his career as an animator that I want to follow. For instance, before opening the famous Studio Ghibli that everyone in the world knows about, Hayao Miyazaki worked at numerous animation studios in Tokyo, Japan and worked his way up in the industry. Doing this time, he allowed himself to grow as an artist and develop his animation and drawing skills so he could be more professional. During high school and the beginning of college he had a hard time drawing human beings. If he didn’t work for someone else for twenty years he wouldn’t have been capable of opening a studio and getting his stories shown to a wide audience. I want to copy exactly that because I am not really the kind of person who is popular. I highly doubt I would get a lot of attention opening up an animation studio after college because I personally do not get a lot of attention. I’ve made it to college because I worked hard in public school and proved myself worthy of going to college. The same thing is for animation.
If I opened my own studio right after college and tried making movies that would be played in theaters I would fail. I know nothing about running a business and I have barely any people that I can network with in the animation industry. I don’t know anyone. It would be impossible for me to make a movie because I have no money, I have college loans to pay, it has always been hard for me to meet people that do not blow me off, and no one will want to watch my films because they don’t know anything about me. Working at a big studio like Pixar for twenty years will open up so many doors for me. I will be able to improve as an animator, my network of people will hopefully grow because of my experience as an animator, and I’ll possibly be ready to handle running a business with a fellow animator.
I used some of the same techniques that Hayao used for his animated film for my 20 second project. For instance, In all of the scenes where there is fast motion in Princess Mononoke, everything is animated on 1?s instead of 2?s. This means that every frame has a new drawing. When an animator is animating on 2?s , he is making a new drawing on every two frames. I used the same technique so my animation could be at least a little professional even though it is going to take hard work and a long time before that happens.
Studio Ghibli didn’t start out as an animation hit factory. Many people don’t know how difficult it was for the studio. Back then, no one had never heard of the studio before. Hayao had only one chance to show Japanese audiences that he was capable of making superb anime. The film that initiated his success was the hit film Nausciaa and The Valley of the Wind. The public had ever seen such an outstanding and well crafted animated film before. The film was complex and talked about common issues like greed, power, and environmental destruction. All the films that followed tend to revolve around the same themes. Each film the studio made just kept pushing the boundaries of animated storytelling.


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