Final Project Info

For my final project, I want to make something that is challenging to make. I decided choose to copy Japanese animation techniques. I have always been fascinated by the animated films that come out of Japan. Furthermore, out all of the Japanese animators that create these great films, I decided to copy the work of Tatsuyuki Tanaka. He is famous working as an animator on the cult classic film, Akira.
The whole process of creating the film is going to be difficult. I am first going to shoot a bunch of reference photos and video so I can know how the entire 20-second animation is going to look like. Next, I will begin the blocking stage of the animation. Since there are 480 frames in 20 seconds I will draw a keyframe every five frames. I will have to use a light box in order for this to actually work out. Then, I will use an x-sheet to plan the motion of the entire animation. Once I do this I will have a better idea of how to plan the timing of the animation and can begin the polishing stage. When I get all the inbetweens drawn and the rough animation starts looking better, I will scan all the images onto the computer and digitally ink and color the animation in Photoshop.Image



Ring a Ring o’ Roses

This is a stop motion film I made for my survey of animation class. I wish I could of made it better but it’s not like I practice stop motion animation everyday. Anyway, I hope you guys look past the shitty quality of the animation and bad character design of the models and enjoy the short film.